User Experience & Interface Design

Finicky Foodie is a food recipe app for people who doesn't have a lot of time for cooking, so it helps the user bringing fun and quicker recipes to cook. The user interface is fun and intuitive while the overall experience is meant to be smooth and quick.


A food recipe app, Finicky foodie is dedicated to the urban working professionals who lives a busy life and short of time for preparing their meals. They often need to cook a meal for having both lunch and dinner because they wouldn’t have time to cook twice a day. This app gives them the option to cook in higher quantity without compromising quality taste if they chose multiple meal quantity option. Finicky foodie is designed to be quick and easy to use and each feature is developed keeping “time” factor in mind. We understand the value of time for our users, thus we try to save it as much as possible by keeping our application easy and faster to use. All the features serves the purpose in mind for our busy users.


Finicky foodie will give you the option to include and exclude ingredients and will only show recipes which are quick and easy to prepare. You can also determine the quantity required as well as avoiding quickly perishable ingredients. A quick and healthy meal can be cooked watching a one minute video instruction. One can also keep their favourite list in order to get back to those recipes later.

App experience is easy, simple and fast if you’re a Finicky Foodie. If you’re using the application for the first time, it will only ask for your inputs which are absolutely necessary. We wish you a fun and interactive experience.


At the age of 21st century, time is the biggest challenge in our daily lives. We are racing against time to get things done as quickly as possible especially in the western countries. Finding time to perform culinery art is scarce. However, we cannot live without food. And when we are hungry, we crave for something delicious as well. Ordering food from outside may be an iotion but it’s not the best practice to order from restaurants because they may be tasty but sometimes unhealthy and expensive. Besides, one cannot order everyday. We value healthy and clean eating as well as saving time and money. One may also not have all the ingredients required for preparing a certain dish and often wants to exclude certain ingredients.


There are several different approaches to resolve a problem, our app approach is to put our users before everything else. User empathy research is at the core of Finicky Foodie. We have also considered our competitors through a competitive analysis which evaluates the services others are providing, so that we can provide something new as well as more interactive, fun and easier experience.

We have a target user, who are busy professionals with little time to spend for preparing their meals, so our app is user centric towards that niche.